And we're not joking! The Rottweiler is a versatile breed that can compete in most AKC events. Rottweilers can excel in Obedience, Agility, Herding, Carting, Flyball, Nosework & many other sports as they thrive working with their owners. Starting your puppy early is advantageous but even adult dogs are very willing to work and want to please their owners. Rottweilers make great therapy dogs when socialized properly, as well as Search and Rescue candidates. The more you work with your dog, the more they want to work for you and learn.


Carting is a large part of Rottweiler history. MHRC members are involved in carting for fun and for competition.

The American Rottweiler Club recognizes three levels of carting - Carting Started (on leash), Carting Intermediate (off leash) & Carting Excellent (driving). This also includes single dogs as well as a team.

What is required of a good carting dog?A great attitude, enthusiasm and good obedience. What is required of a good carting handler? Patience, patience, patience! some dogs will take to the cart immediately, without any concern - while others may require a very slow approach, taking several  training sessions before being ready to be hooked up to a cart.

Your dog should be full grown, sound and able to perform the work before you consider carting. Your dog also needs to walk well on leash and know basic commands. A dog with experience at the type of moves required by Rally competition is ahead of the game for carting training.

If you attend a Rottweiler carting test, you will see them pulling everything from homemade wooden or PVC carts to professionally made carts and sulkies. The important thing is that the cart is well made, sturdy and the right size for the dog. The same can be said for the harness. There are several types of harnesses that work well on certain type of carts, but they should fit well and the are properly adjusted to the dog and cart.

There are many MHRC club members that cart with their dogs and are always glad to answer questions and help get you started in this fun past time.


There are SO many obedience classes out there, it can get overwhelming. But Obedience is one of the easiest ways to bond with your Rottie!

Rally is a great fun version of Competition Obedience. In Rally, handler guides their dog through a series of signs that call for a specific behavior like Sit or Down or Left Turn. Its a fun and interactive sport that's easy to train for even in your backyard.

Obedience titles are a more competitive way to show off all your dogs' training. Starting with CD (Companion Dog) competition thats a step above Rally.  Get more info HERE on Obedience titles that you can obtain through AKC.

Contact your local Obedience School, or a Club Member, for info on where to find some Rally or Obedience prep courses around Colorado.


The goal of a therapy dog team is to provide strength, comfort, and emotional support to individuals, families, communities, and first responders. This may take place at an airport, hospital, library read program, nursing homes and many other locations.

Therapy Dogs must have a sound temperament and be under control at all times. This is a team effort with the canines' owner.

A therapy dog team goes through extensive testing to make sure they are ready for a variety of situations.

Click here for more info;   www.therapydogs.com/join-therapy-dogs


Many Rottweilers love water, and as swimming is excellent exercise for them, they may excel at the sport of Dock Diving. 

Dogs will retrieve sticks or a favorite toy, paddle back and ask you to throw it into the water over and over. Dock diving is a fun canine sport where dogs compete for height or distance jumps and earn titles.  

There are several pools in the Denver area to help you and your Rottweiler get started in this fun pastime and obtain titles if you chose.

CRCG - Englewood and Broomfield locations www.dog-swim.com
Four Paws - Fort Collins www.fourpawspethotel.com
K9Cation - Hudson www.k9cation.com